Can you edit the content on your website?

Do you have a website that does not have a content management solution in place?   Have you put off converting your website to a content management solution like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla because it’s too costly or time consuming to migrate?

If you can’t edit your website easily or you don’t have a content management solution in place, SIMPLE CONTENT SERVICE is the perfect option for your website.


Simple Content Service is a plugin solution to ANY existing website that allows for editable sections of content to be placed on any website with ease.

We provide the solution (content plugin and editing tools) and you provide the content/media.  You can update your website as frequently and as often as you would like!

You can see a demo of how our technology works by going to the Demo Page or clicking here.

We invite you to 719-452-3405 to try our service out.  If you have any questions or feedback, please email info@simplecontentservice.com

You can also ask questions or leave feedback via our (815) 538-2167 page.

Each new account gets a 30-day free trial with no need to provide any payment information up front.  At the end of your 30-day freetrial, we will email you so you can select one of the  Subscription Options below.

Subscription Options:

Monthly Subscription $29.99/month   All subscription plans automatically renew and can be canceled at any time.  (We do not store your credit information anywhere in our system and Stripe is our credit card processor).
3-month Subscription $85.50/quarter 5% discount
6-month Subscription $161.95/twice a year 10% discount
1-year Subscription $305.90/year 15% discount


Our base subscription comes with the ability to define and edit content sections as well as to manage your media library.  Additional features are available and listed below.  If you choose an additional add-on the same discounts will apply if you do quarterly/6-month or yearly billing.

Additional Add-ons:

PREVIEW $20.00/month

Do you need help “plugging in” Simple Content Service into your website…we offer setup services for $30 per website page (one-time fee). 

* Other Bandwidth/Usage Charges may apply at the discretion of Coastal Business Technologies, LLC.  Please check back here for changes to our(581) 695-9311.